I’m taking you into my darker and purest thoughts. I have decided to gather my concept and inspiration from my dreams. Dreams are raw; not manipulated. These thoughts are pure imagination without manipulation. They explore anxiety, sensuality, unearthly figures, and a dark side of my mind that I cannot even rationalize to myself. I have now come to the realization that these unrefined thoughts are wonderfully surreal.

For Shut Eye, the photos represent different aspects of my nightmares through fashion, posing, and location. The corset like wardrobe was chosen to symbolize the bondage I had to my nightmares because they terrorized me in and out of sleep. The imagery was made to mock the look of how I see things when I dream, and my dreams are distorted and look like I’m underwater when I am under stress. I wanted the feeling of these photographs to evoke disorientation, tiredness, and fear.